Acoustic Emission Analysis of Cement Mortar Specimens During Three Point Bending Tests

I. Stavrakas D. Triantis S.K. Kourkoulis E.D. Pasiou I. Dakanali About the authors


This work discusses the experimental results of Acoustic Emission (AE) recordings during repetitive loading/unloading loops of cement mortar beams subjected to three point bending. Six repetitive loading cycles were conducted at a gradually higher load level until the failure of the specimens. The experimental results clearly show the existence and dominance of the Kaiser effect during each loading loop. Regarding the AE data, alternative analysis was conducted using the improved b-value, and the cumulative energy behaviour. Both quantities considered, show qualitative and quantitative characteristics that could be used as pre-failure indicators. In addition, a novel statistical physics analysis involving the AE interevent times was conducted by calculating the cumulative probability function P(>δτ) that follows a q-exponential equation. The entropic index q and the relaxation parameter βq of this equation show systematic changes during the various stages of the failure process. The last cycle led to a q value equal to 1.42, implying the upcoming fracture which is in good agreement with previous results obtained from a wide range of fractured materials.

Acoustic Emissions; Three Point Bending; white cement mortar; Tsallis entropy

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