Thermal effect on free vibration analysis of functionally graded arbitrary straight-sided plates with different cutouts

In this paper, free vibration of functionally graded nonuniform straight-sided plates with circular and non-circular cutouts has been investigated. Moreover, thermal effects on free vibration analysis and the effects of various parameters on natural frequencies of these plates were evaluated. The material properties were assumed to be graded across thickness, which vary according to the linear distribution law. The investigated parameters in this study are: (1) cutout size (2) type of loading (3) different boundary conditions. It should be mentioned that the obtained results of thermal effect on free vibration of the FG nonuniform straight-sided plates (such as skew and trapezoidal plates) with cutouts have not been studied yet. Therefore, the results of this investigation can be implemented in future studies.

functionally graded materials; square/skew/trapezoidal plates; circular/non-circular cutouts; thermal environment

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