Katya Kozicki Vera Karam de Chueiri About the authors


What remains after the use of a nuclear weapon? Land and lives destroyed. This is the question intended to answer in this article, focusing on the period after August 31st 2016 until now. Our premise is that there was a parliamentary and constitutional coup in 2016 with the use of constitutional formulas which was not refuted by the majority of the Brazilian Supreme Court. The impeachment was the constitutional formula the parliament used to take the president from office, even though there was not a typical situation which configured a crime of responsibility. The evidences that configurated the crime of the president were as fragile as the political circumstances. The first part of the article is about the process of impeachment itself, which had no formal and material justification and application, and the second part reports its consequences for constitutionalism and democracy.

Impeachment Law; Coup; Democracy

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