The city's marks: the taggers dynamics in São Paulo

Alexandre Barbosa Pereira About the author

The article has as focus the taggers in the city of São Paulo, who covers the streets of the city to leave written in walls, buildings and viaducts their marks. Such practice, however, is not seen with good eyes by the paulistana population who sees in this writing a degradation of the urban landscape. The article also approaches the particular way by which these young appropriate themselves of the urban space through the establishment of meeting points. The taggers have a way to conceive the center and the periphery of São Paulo that dialogues with the dynamics of the metropolis. Although they are identified with the periphery where they are from, they have the center as an important performance place. The research disclosed how they establish exchange relations, alliances and conflicts between them in the city.

Taggers; City; Youth; Urban anthropology

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