Relatos compartilhados: experiências de conversão ao pentecostalismo entre brasileiros e portugueses

Two broad trends have characterized the interpretation of documents which report on Pentecostal conversion. On the one hand, a "constructivist" tendency is observed, where the subject's narrative is seen as an artificial response or reflex to the forces of expectations and external pressure. On the other hand, narratives on conversion are treated as being the centre of analysis, and interpreted as the direct expression of some new disposition of the self. In this article a third interpretation is put forth, based on conversion reports from Brazil and Portuguese "Evangelicists", in which conversion is itself treated as a narrative genre which incorporates the life experiences of common men and women who have come to "accept Jesus Christ", and which gain, through this event, a measure of similitude. In this way one guarantees the commensurability of life his stories without imposing a single meaning upon them.

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