Body composition, sexual maturation and motor performance the young practitioners handball

This study aimed to investigate the association between body composition and sexual maturity with the motor performance of male and female youngsters playing handball. 47 adolescents between 12 and 17 years old were evaluated. The assessment of sexual maturation was performed using self-assessment. The anthropometric variables of body mass and height were measured, and skinfolds of triceps and calf, to estimate the percentage of body fat (% BF). For the analysis of motor performance was performed a battery of motor tests: horizontal jump (HJ), arm flexion, abdominal, sit and reach and shuttle run (agility). There was an inverse relationship between %BF and IH (r=-0,42), and agility (Ag) obtained positive relationship with %BF (r=0,61). The correlation between maturation and IH (0,32) was positive, and the Ag negative (-0,27). Sex explained 32.8% of the variability of IH and in conjunction with the %BF and maturation the value was 36.5%. For Ag the variability was explained in 37.6% by the sex, along with the %BF and maturation of this value was raised to 55%. Despite the predictive contribution of the sex together with the %BF and maturation of the variables of IH and Ag, the values were low. It can not be attributed the variation of the motor variables only to independent variables.

Handball; Body composition; Sexual maturation; Motor performance

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