Effect of a physical activity program on sport enjoyment, physical activity participation, physical self-concept and quality of life in children with asthma

Efeito de um programa de atividade física no gozo esporte, a participação da atividade física, auto-conceito físico e qualidade de vida em crianças com asma

Efecto de un programa de actividad física en el disfrute de deportes, la participación en la actividad física, el autoconcepto físico y la calidad de vida en niños con asma

Pedro Ángel Latorre-Román Ana Vanesa Navarro Martínez Felipe García-Pinillos About the authors


This study aims to analyse the effects of indoor physical training program on the enjoyment and the willingness to participate in sports activities, physical self-concept and the quality of life in children with asthma. Participants were randomized in an experimental group (EG) (n=58, age=11.55±1.01 years old) and, a control group (CG) (n = 47, age=11.51±1.42 years old). An indoor training program was executed for 12-week, with each week containing three sessions of 60 minutes. Enjoyment in physical activity questionnaire, participation in physical activities, physical self-concept questionnaire, 6 minute walking test, and paediatric asthma quality of life questionnaire were employed. After the intervention, EG showed a significant reduction in the body mass index as well as a significant improvement in physical fitness test and the score obtained in questionnaires compared to the CG. A12-week indoor training program targeted towards asthmatic children improved the sport enjoyment, physical activity participation, physical self-concept, and quality of life.

asthma; children; physical exercise; quality of life

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