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Reduction of the chronic pain associated to the scoliosis non structural, in university students submitted to the Pilates method

Maria Erivânia Alves de Araújo Elirez Bezerra da Silva Pollyana Coelho Vieira Samária Ali Cader Danielli Braga de Mello Estélio Henrique Martin Dantas About the authors

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of the Pilates method in the reduction of the chronic pain associated to a non structural scoliosis. Method: 31 academical subjects participated in the clinical aleatorical controlled experiment study, under age between 18 and 25 years, with diagnosis of non structural scoliosis and presenting chronic pain in the spine. The sample was divided into: control group (n=11) that the was not submitted to any therapeutic intervention and experimental group (n=20) that participated of the mecanotherapy program for the Pilates method. The intervention consisted of twenty-four sessions. The movements were guided in agreement with the convexity of each individual's scoliosis. The test of Adams, panoramic x-ray of the spine was used (pre treatment) and a questionnaire by the "Scale of noticed pain CR 10 of Borg" (pre and post treatment). The used statistical treatment was ANOVA 2x2 of repeated measures with the test post hoc of Tukey. Results: Findings demonstrated a significant decrease of 66% of the pain for the experimental group (P = 0,0002). Conclusion: It can be observed that the exercise program using the Pilates method to young people is effective and improved the reduction of chronic pain among young subjects presenting non structural scoliosis.

Kinesiotherapy; Mecanotherapy; Posture

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