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Impact of formicid granulated baits on non-target ants in eucalyptus plantations according to two forms of application

Lucimeire de S. Ramos Cidália G.S. Marinho Ronald Zanetti Jacques H.C. Delabie Marcelo N. Schlindwein About the authors

The effect of localized and systematic use of granulated bait for cutting ant control was assessed on a community of non-target ants in eucalyptus in the municipality of Bom Despacho, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The ants were collected in Winkler traps on three occasions: eight days before bait distribution, eight and sixty days after distribution by removing the mirmecofauna from 50 1-m² samples of litter. A total of 102 species was collected belonging to six sub-families. The seven most frequent ant species were analyzed in more detail to assess more precisely the consequences of insecticide treatments. The study showed that systematic control caused negative and more prolonged impact on the ant community than localized control.

Formicidae; non-target species; litter; inseticide

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