Morphology of the Phytophagous bug Platyscytus decempunctatus (Carvalho) (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Morfologia do percevejo fitófago Platyscytus decempunctatus (Carvalho) (Heteroptera: Miridae)

Evaldo M. Pires Paulo S.F. Ferreira Raul N.C. Guedes José E. Serrão About the authors

Platyscytus decempunctatus Carvalho is a small mirid living throughout its life cicle plant Solanum cernuum Vell. (Solanaceae). The internal morphology of P. decempunctatus was studied and found that the female has a telotrophic ovary with three ovarioles in the right ovary and five in the left one. In the male reproductive trait there is a well developed tubular accessory gland. The phytophagous feeding habitat of P. decempunctatus was confirmed by the observations of chlorophyll pigments in the gut of all dissected specimens. The tubular salivary glands and the Malpighian tubules were also discussed.

Ovary; testicules; Malphigian tubules; salivary gland; Solanum cernuum

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