A survey of the termite fauna (Isoptera) of an eucalypt plantation in central Brazil

Levantamento da termitofauna (Isoptera) de uma plantação de eucalipto no Brasil central

Rafael A. Calderon Reginaldo Constantino About the authors

The termite fauna of a plantation of Eucaliptus urophylla S.T. Blake (Myrtales: Mytaceae) in Buritis, Minas Gerais, was manually sampled in 12 transects. The assemblage contained 28 species belonging to Termitidae and Rhinotermitidae. This assemblage corresponds to a subset of the native fauna of the cerrado previously present in this region. Compared to the original native fauna, it has a lower species richness, a much lower proportion of soil-feeders and a higher proportion of litter-feeders. A total of 1600 recently cut trees were examined and only three (0.2%) had damage to the heartwood caused by Coptotermes sp. Despite the presence of a diverse termite fauna including several putative pest species, termites are not considered a significant problem to eucalypt plantations in this region.

Coptotermes; Minas Gerais; Eucalyptus

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