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Development? Thinking the future through a urban-natural perspective 1 1 The authors of this article are listed in alphabetical order. All three authors contributed equally in the development of this article: conception, research and writing.

Desenvolvimento? Pensando o futuro a partir de uma perspectiva urbano-natural


This article offers a theoretical discussion on urbanization, nature and development and some of the links and interdependencies that connect these concepts. The focus is on some of the underlying dynamics and issues of our current development project defined as capitalist industrialization. The article illustrates the role of cities for human development and then argues that the relationship between society and nature could be - and indeed already has been - thought from a different perspective. Finally, the article discusses the transition from “campesinato” (peasantry) to traditional communities as product of extensive urbanization, as form of resistance and as potential blueprint for an alternative development and, potentially, for the Lefebvrian urban-utopia.

development theory; urbanization; human-nature relations; utopia

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