Economic mainstream and power: a profile analysis of Central Bank directors during PSDB and PT governments in Brazil

Mainstream econômico e poder: uma análise do perfil dos diretores do Banco Central do Brasil nos governos do PSDB e do PT

Adriano Codato Marco Cavalieri Renato Perissinotto Eric Gil Dantas About the authors


This paper analyses the professional and educational backgrounds of members of the Board of Directors of Central Bank of Brazil in the period between the beginning of the first Fernando Henrique’s term and the end of Dilma Rousseff’s first term. The paper puts forward two novelties. First, a database synthesizing the information from the curricula of the abovementioned individuals. Second, modern literature in the field of methodology of economics is used to categorize the educational backgrounds of those individuals with education in economics. Our general findings point to a differentiation between two types of members in the Board of Directors. The first type is the one generally recruited for the positions concerned with organizational issues within the Bank, and the second is usually the one that occupies posts directly related to the decision making of economic policies. However, we did not identify significant differences between the types of individuals chosen by PSDB and PT governments.

Brazilian Central Bank; bureaucratic elites; mainstream economics; Board of Directors of Central Bank of Brazil

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