Marx e a Filosofia: elementos para a discussão ainda necessária

Ester Vaisman About the author

The main objective of this article is to reexamine an old controversy between analysts of Marx: the relationship between Marxist thought and philosophy, as well as the issue of methodology. The purpose is not to reach a final conclusion on such an intriguing topic, but rather to point out some elements that will show that this topic is far from "worn out." To the contrary. After outlining the critical relationship between Marx and the classical German tradition, which is perhaps responsible for so much confusion, the article seeks to clarify how Marx understands and conceives the operative functions of reason, as well as the role that objectivity plays in his theoretical path. In addition, this article raises the issue of the character that knowledge assumes in his theoretical corpus: is it speculative knowledge or the knowledge of transformation? Finally, the article examines the character of the materialism initiated by Marx, as well as references made in Capital to Hegelian dialectic.

marxist philosophy; marxist methodology; marxism; Philosophy

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