Comparative dietary analysis of two populations of Mimagoniates rheocharis (Characidae: Glandulocaudinae) from two streams of Southern Brazil

The diet of two populations of Mimagoniates rheocharis, from two freshwater streams of the rio Tramandaí, northeastern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, are described and compared. The specimens were collected monthly from January 1998 to March 1999, with dip nets and seine nets and preserved in 10% formalin. In laboratory, the standard length of each specimen was measured. The stomachs were removed and dissected for identification of the alimentary items. The data were analyzed using the frequency of occurrence, percent composition and index of alimentary importance methods, being the last two compared among different classes of standard length. Three methods of analysis showed the highest values for allochthonous insects, regardless the locality of collection or body size of the specimens.

feeding; allochthonous insects; rio Maquiné; diet; Neotropical

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