The complete mitochondrial genome of Corydoras nattereri (Callichthyidae: Corydoradinae)

Daniel A. Moreira Paulo A. Buckup Marcelo R. Britto Maithê G. P. Magalhães Paula C. C. de Andrade Carolina Furtado Thiago E. Parente About the authors


The complete mitogenome of Corydoras nattereri , a species of mailed catfishes from southeastern Brazil, was reconstructed using next-generation sequencing techniques. The mitogenome was assembled using mitochondrial transcripts from the liver transcriptomes of three individuals, and produced a circular DNA sequence of 16,557 nucleotides encoding 22 tRNA genes, two rRNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes and two noncoding control regions (D-loop, OrigL). Phylogeographic analysis of closely related sequences of Cytochrome Oxydase C subunit I (COI) demonstrates high diversity among morphologically similar populations of C. nattereri . Corydoras nattereri is nested within a complex of populations currently assigned to C. paleatus and C. ehrhardti . Analysis of mitogenome structure demonstrated that an insertion of 21 nucleotides between the ATPase subunit-6 and COIII genes may represent a phylogenetically informative character associated with the evolution of the Corydoradinae.

Barcode; DNA; Mitogenome; Molecular diversity; mtRNA.

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