Molecular and biochemical responses of horticultural plants and crops to heat stress

Respostas bioquímicas e moleculares ao estresse por calor em culturas e plantas hortícolas

Seyedeh Somayyeh Shafiei Masouleh Youssef Najib Sassine About the authors


Various abiotic stresses affect growth and development of plants and one of them that causes severely decreasing the horticultural and crop yields is the heat stress worldwide. In this paper, the effects of heat (more than 30-35 °C in different species) stress on the horticultural plants and crops, and its effects on inducing other stresses, including osmotic and oxidative stresses are discussed. Plants show the molecular and biochemical responses after receiving environmental signals such as high temperatures and tolerate undesirable conditions.

Abiotic stresses; abscisic acid; gene activation; high temperature

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