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Jumping the Fence Dot Com: Public Opinion on Commodification of Adultery

Recently, organizations arrived in Brazil to convert adultery into a product. Their actions have been promoted through controversial marketing activities and extensive media coverage. It has had resonance among public opinion, revealing different positions around the issue. Assuming that the truth is established over contingent and historical conditions and that practices reproduce accepted truths from an established discourse, we question how the commoditization of adultery discourse is based on amid public opinion discursive practices. To look at this issue, we adopt a macro-marketing critical approach, attached to Michel Foucault's social theory. In line with this choice, the analytical procedure adopted is the Foucauldian archeological method. The commoditized adultery discourse analysis evidenced stylistics of adultery that posits morally. At the end, musings about social implications are discussed.

Adultery; Archaeology; Foucault; Macromarketing; Critical Marketing

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