Weight gain and animal productivity on Marandu palisade grass under rotational stocking and nitrogen fertilization

The objective of this work was to assess management targets for marandu palisade grass (Urochloa brizantha cv. Marandu) subjected to rotational stocking and to nitrogen fertilization rates, from January 2009 to April 2010. Treatments consisted of a combination of two grazing frequencies (pre-grazing heights of 25 and 35 cm) and two levels of nitrogen application (50 and 200 kg ha-1 per year). in a completely randomized block design, in a 2x2 factorial arrangement, with four replicates. The established post-grazing height was 15 cm. Greater values of daily weight gain per animal per day (0.629 and 0.511 kg day-1), weight gain per hectare (886 and 674 kg ha-1), and stocking rate (3.13 and 2.85 AU ha-1) were found for pre-grazing height of 25 cm. The application of 200 kg ha-1 of N increased the percentage of leaves in post-grazing forage mass, forage accumulation rate, stocking rate, as well as weight gain per hectare. The best grazing strategy corresponds to the pre-grazing height of 25 cm, regardless of the nitrogen application.

Urochloa brizantha; sward height; pre-grazing height; post-grazing height; grazing management; stocking rate

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