Intra- and intergenomic chromosomal pairing in artificially polyploidized elephant grass and pearl millet hybrids

Pareamento cromossômico intra e intergenômico em híbridos de capim-elefante e milheto poliploidizados artificialmente

Fernanda Motta da Costa Santos Giovana Augusta Torres Vânia Helena Techio Antônio Vander Pereira Lisete Chamma Davide About the authors


The objective of this work was to evaluate, by genomic in situ hybridization (GISH), pairing configurations as potential indicators of recombination between chromosomes of different parental genomes, in two interspecific hybrids (elephant grass x pearl millet) artificially polyploidized. Anthers from young flower buds were used in the chromosomal preparations. The genomic probe was prepared with pearl millet DNA and labeled with biotin-16-dUTP by the nick translation reaction. Blocking DNA was prepared with genomic elephant grass DNA. The homoeologous intergenomic pairing, observed in the two hybrids, indicates the possibility of recombination between chromosomes of the parental genomes.

Index terms:
Pennisetum glaucum; Pennisetum purpureum; in situ hybridization; intergenomic pairing; interspecific hybridization

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