Pruning and conduction system in the yield of green fig

The objective of the work was to verify the effect of pruning time and conduction system on growth, yield, and quality of the fig tree fruit grown in the northern Minas Gerais region, under irrigation. The design utilized was randomized blocks with four replicates, and the treatments arranged in a 4x2 factorial scheme, taking as factors pruning times (June, September, December and March) and conduction system (with lopping and without lopping). In each plot, made up of three useful plants, data concerning the cropping cycles of 2000/2001 and 2001/2002 were collected. No interaction between the factors pruning time and conduction system was verified. There were yield differences between pruning times; the March- and June-pruned plants presented higher yields. There were no yield differences between the conduction systems. Different pruning times and conduction systems did not affect quality of fig tree fruit and contents of total soluble solids, pH, total titrable acidity, total sugars, glucose, sucrose and starch.

Ficus carica; fruit growth; fruit quality

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