Partial replacement of corn by energy sources for beef cattle at pasture

Adriano Borges Cardoso Eduardo Henrique Bevitori Kling de Moraes André Soares de Oliveira Joanis Tilemahos Zervoudakis Luciano da Silva Cabral Pedro Ivo José Lopes da Rosa e Silva Leandro Munhoz Socreppa About the authors

The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of the partial replacement of corn by alternative energy sources in concentrate supplements for beef cattle kept on Urochloa brizantha cultivar Marandu pasture, during the rainy season, on feed intake and total apparent digestibility. Five Nellore cattle with initial average body weight of 367.8±4.31 kg were used. The experimental design was a 5x5 Latin square, with five animals and five treatments. The following were evaluated: isoproteic concentrate supplements, at 30% crude protein, formulated with corn, millet, and sorghum grains, and soybean hulls; and a mineral supplement (control). No significant differences were observed in total dry matter (DM) and organic matter (OM) intake between the animals fed mineral supplementation and those receiving concentrate supplementation; however, the latter showed the lowest (12.28%) pasture DM intake. Concentrate supplementation increased the coefficient of total apparent digestibility of DM, OM, crude protein, and of non-fiber carbohydrates that were not affected by the energy sources. Millet and sorghum grains, and soybean hulls can be used to partially replace corn in the formulation of concentrate supplements without affecting intake and digestibility of dietary nutrients.

Brachiaria brizantha; intake; digestibility; pasture; concentrate supplementation

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