Agricultural and forest products as supplementary feeding for tambaqui in polyculture with jaraqui

Sérgio Fonseca Guimarães Atílio Storti Filho About the authors

The objective of this paper was to evaluate the performance of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) in a polyculture trial with jaraqui (Semaprochilodus insignis), using agricultural and forest products as supplementary feeding for tambaqui. Two ponds, measuring 644 m² (Pond A, associated with pigs) and 1,075 m² (Pond B, non associated), were stocked with 0.5 tambaqui/m² and 0.1 jaraqui/m². After 371 days, tambaqui showed a mean growth from 18.6±4.5 g to 997.1±195.08 g in Pond A, and from 81.4±18.8 g to 519.9±191.7 g in Pond B. Feeding management of Pond A may be a sustainable alternative of tambaqui production in substitution to commercial rations.

Colossoma macropomum; Semaprochilodus insignis

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