Puberty induction in gilts at different ages in two management systems

Renato Rosa Ribeiro Diogo Magnabosco Thomas Bierhals Thais Schwarz Gaggini Mari Lourdes Bernardi Fernando Pandolfo Bortolozzo Ivo Wentz About the authors

The objective of this work was to determine the effect of boar-exposure method and of gilt age at exposure on the percentage of first estrus manifestation, puberty age, and interval between stimulus and puberty. Danbred F1 Landrace x Large White gilts were induced to puberty with two different systems of boar exposure - Baia, stimuli done by putting a male inside the pens of gilts; Bear, stimuli done by putting the females in an area with males - , and three ages at the beginning of stimulation - 150, 170 and 200 days. There was no difference between the stimulation systems for the percentage of gilts in estrus, puberty age, and the interval between stimulation and estrus onset. This interval was lower when stimulus started at 200 days, and the proportion of gilts which reached puberty at 10, 20, 30 and 42 days after the beginning of boar-exposure was higher. Puberty induction has higher success when the female exposure to the male is done at 200 days, regardless of the boar-exposure system.

stimulation of puberty; age of first estrus; nulliparous

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