Media and Life Dissatisfaction as Predictors of Body Dissatisfaction

Mídia e Insatisfação com a Vida Como Preditores de Insatisfação Corporal

Medios de Comunicación y Satisfacción con la Vida Como Predictores de Insatisfacción Corporal

Melissa Bittencourt Jaeger Sheila Gonçalves Câmara About the authors

Body dissatisfaction can contribute to social, occupational and recreational losses, constituting a risk factor to health. This study aimed to evaluate the predictors of body dissatisfaction regarding demographic variables, media and life satisfaction among university students. The sample consisted of 321 participants older than 18 years. Body dissatisfaction, life dissatisfaction and media messages internalization were evaluated by Escala de Silhuetas para Adultos Brasileiros, Subjective Well-Being Scale and Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire-3, respectively. Data were collected by an online survey tool (SurveyMonkey®) and were analyzed using multiple linear regression. It was found that body dissatisfaction was positively related to inaccuracy in the perception of body size, Body Mass Index, life dissatisfaction, media messages internalization and television exposure. These findings evidence the importance of these predictors in the dynamics of body dissatisfaction, which support the development of preventive and treatment interventions.

communications media; body image; satisfaction; subjective well-being scale

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