The "superman" and the "horde father": ethical considerations

The paper examines the approach proposed by Freud between the ‘father of the primal horde' referred to in Totem and Taboo and the concept of ‘superman' described by Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Based on this analysis, the following points are discussed: (1) problems addressed in the Freudian interpretation of the concept of ‘Superman'; (2) differences between Freud and Nietzsche regarding the understanding of ‘authority' and ‘disregard for the Law', singular aspects, according to Freud, both of the ‘superman' as well as the ‘father of the horde' and (3) difference between ‘contempt for moral' claimed by Freud and Nietzsche's advocacy of a ‘morality based on the transmutation of all values'.

father; Freud; moral

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