A new genus and two new species of Xustrostomatidae Hunt, 2002 (Nematoda: Rhigonematomorpha) from the West Indies

Nayla García Jans Morffe About the authors

A new genus and two new species of xustrostomatids (Nematoda: Xustrostomatidae) are described parasitizing diplopods from the West Indies. Trachyglossoides jimenoi gen. nov. sp. nov. from Cuba, is similar to Trachyglossus Hunt, 2002. It differs by having the female genital tract monodelphic, feature unique in the family. This constitutes the second record of the family from the country. Zalophora dominicana sp. nov. from the Dominican Republic resembles Z. repentina García & Morffe, 2010. It can be segregate by having a minor development of the cephalic crests and the cephalic end barely inflated. This constitutes the first record of the family and genus for the Dominican Republic.

Trachyglossoides gen. nov. sp. nov.; Zalophora; Diplopoda; Cuba; Hispaniola.

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