Review of Cyrtomyia Bigot (Diptera, BomByliidae, Ecliminae) with a key to the Neotropical genera of Ecliminae and Cyrtomyia species

Carlos José Einicker Lamas Paula Fernanda Motta Rodrigues About the authors

The Neotropical genus Cyrtomyia Bigot has a distribution restricted to the Andean region of South America, with records only in Argentina and Chile. The genus is composed by two species, which are reviewed and redescribed herein: C. chilensis Paramonov, 1931 and C. pictipennis (Bigot, 1857). The main characters of the external morphology of adults are photographed. Illustrations of the male and female terminalia of C. chilensis are also included. An identification key to species is presented, and the species distribution is briefly discussed.

Cyrtomyia; Andean region; taxonomy; bee flies

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