Considerations for violence and truth in contemporary

Freud associates the following with the super-ego and the word - something that is imposed by ferocity, without meaning, built upon the field of culture upon insensible laws. In this conception, some form of violence is within the genre of the subject and the truth that it constructs. If, for Lacan, the world is the death of the thing, a break within the child of any possible re-connection with the thing that would bring satisfaction - it is this world that stabilizes, or fixates, a disruptive error of the real, making us beings of culture. Western capitalist democracy, according to Alain Badiou, proposes an atonal world, devoid of points of tension where a decision must be put in the form of a word. If establisher this power conveyed by the word places us as the subject of a truth, upon rejecting the existence of subjects, our modernity condemns us to the development of a meaningless enjoyment, continually re-shaping itself in a variety of ways.

truth; subject; violence; destruction

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