Sexual abuse: which treatment? Contributions of psychoanalysis to the listening of the subject

The article is part of the Master's degree Dissertation "The abused subject of psychoanalysis". From a critical review of the literature on the topic of sexual abuse, it poses questions regarding the psychoanalytic management of these cases, and intends to support a dialog between psychoanalysis and other fields of knowledge, distinguishing the psychoanalytic proposal from other approaches found in the literature. The contemporary trend of normalization and pathologisation of sexual abuse cases is another point of questioning. Our premise is that the clinical management is not defined previously to the listening of the subject, without taking into account his responsibility for what happened. In many cases, in the name of "science" and "child welfare", we can reinforce a police dimension, of administrative vigilance, setting aside the subjective implication of the individual.

sexual abuse; psychoanalysis; child psychology

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