Your stories help me grow: relationships between public library, reading and early childhood

Yicel Nayrobis Giraldo Giraldo Doris Liliana Henao Henao Sandra Inés Zuluaga Sánchez Margarita María Corrales Urrea About the authors

The article presents the results of the research titled "Your stories help me grow". This work aimed to approximate to the comprehension of the transformations of the affective ties in families with children in early childhood, participating in the program PARAMÁ PARAPÁ of the Fundación Ratón de Biblioteca in the Villa Guadalupe neighborhood in Medellin. The development of research opted for a qualitative methodology, with a hermeneutic orientation which could conclude that reading promotion programs contribute to the strengthening of the affective links, the formation of parenting practices which promote the growth of the children from the earliest years of life and the transformation of the public library in a social institution that contributes to the empowerment of the affection between boys and girls and their families. So that, promotion of reading strategies are thus a valuable methodological commitment to convene on initiatives of family strengthening, growth and development of children.

Reading; Public library; Affective link; Early childhood; Parenting practices; Motherhood

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