Knowledge retention in services

Rodrigo Valio Dominguez Gonzalez About the author


Currently, the challenge for researchers and managers in the area of knowledge management is to study models that promote the acquisition, retention, distribution and use of knowledge by individuals and groups working in organizations. The service companies are examples of organizations that have difficulties in knowledge retention process, once it is created and acquired in different service sites, i.e., distant from the company headquarters. When the service provider company did not mobilize and structure internally in order to retain this knowledge diluted across multiple sites, the chance of loss the knowledge and competitive advantage is great. Thus, the main objective of this paper is to analyze an organizational model focused to a service provider that promotes the retention of the knowledge acquired in their different clients. The results suggest that service companies should focus on the process of knowledge retention in a specific department. This department has the task to identify and storage best practices and lessons learned among all employees who work on different clients in databases, and in addition, to promote the integration of these employees in order to promote the distribution of tacit knowledge.

Knowledge retention; Knowledge distribution; Knowledge retrieval; Knowledge management; Service.

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