Functional Independence Between Speaker-Listener Behaviors Related to Unknown Landscapes

Sarah Moraes de Simões Carlos Augusto de Medeiros Eduardo Walcacer Viegas About the authors


This study investigated the effect of successive training on the untrained emission of listener and speaker behaviors after the training of the other operant. Twelve typical undergraduates were divided into two groups based on order of training and testing in three experimental phases. The participants of the Listening-Speaker Group underwent listener training and speaker test; and the other participants were subjected to training and tests in the reverse order. The five stimuli used per phase were invented words and unknown landscapes. The participants of the Speaker-Listener Group reached the criterion of functional dependence in the three experimental phases. In the other group, only one participant presented functional dependence in the first experimental phase, with a gradual improvement in performance in the tests throughout the experiment for the remaining subjects. The efficacy of successive training in the occurrence of functional dependence associated to aspects of the procedure was discussed.

Verbal Behavior; Functional Dependence; Adults; Successive Training Sessions

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