The Impacts of Racism on the Subjectivity of Black Soccer Players

Fábio Henrique Alves da Silva Paula Ângela de Figueiredo e Paula About the authors


We have seen over the years successive cases of racism in sport. This situation makes us question the idea that there is a racial democracy in sport, justified by the fact that the projection of athletes is independent of their color, given that this is due to the merit of their efforts to train their potentialities. We chose to focus on soccer because it is the sport that most converges the feeling of nationalism in our country. We investigated in this research to conclude psychology course, if there is racism in Brazilian soccer and if it affects the subjectivity of Brazilian black people working in soccer. We also aim to investigate how Psychology has treated the suffering caused by racism in the constitution of black subjectivity. The chosen methodology was the bibliographic review that goes through what has already been published in books, websites and etc, The results show that black people find workspaces when they are still athletes, but their participation is minimal as referees, coaches or managers. The research also revealed that Psychology itself took a long time to take a stance on the suffering caused in the constitution of black subjectivity. Using the technical guidelines of the Reference Center in Psychology and Public Policy of the Federal Council of Psychology in 2017, we conclude that to address the suffering of black people in sports it is necessary to expand the clinic, listening to athletes in their bio-psycho-social dimension.

Racism; Sport; Soccer; Subjectivity; Psychology

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