School Inclusion: Brazilian Educational Agents’ Roles

Priscila Benitez Camila Domeniconi About the authors


School inclusion involves different educational agents. The joint work of these agents has positive results in social and academic learning. The present study aimed to depict Brazilian studies published in national journals evaluated by Qualis A1 and A2 in the Psychology and Education areas. This investigated the performance of education agents in school inclusion and discussed the main contributions of these findings. Four criteria were established for systematic review. In sum, 95 journals were selected out of a total of 733 journals. In these journals, 102 national articles were found by keyword search. A total of 33 articles were considered as results and were classified in studies that contemplated an applied experimental goal involving intervention by any agent in school inclusion (n = 7), and descriptive studies that did not aim at interventions for school inclusion (n = 26). Eight studies contemplated some involvement of these agents together. Limitations and suggestions are provided for future work. The data reflects the role of different agents in order to influence students’ processes of teaching and learning.

Educational Agent; School Inclusion; Educational Inclusion; Inclusive Practices

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