Academic Supervisor Practices in Psychologist Education: Bibliometric Study

Walter Mariano de Faria Silva Neto Wanderlei Abadio de Oliveira About the authors


This study aimed to identify and map scientific literature on the practices and experiences of supervisors of academic internships in Brazilian psychology education. The electronic search strategy focused on three databases: IndexPsi, Pepsic, and SciElo. The reference lists in articles were also considered as sources as well. Supervision and psychology were the key terms used in the search, which resulted in 22 articles being published between 1970 and 2012. Articles were analyzed according to both their bibliometric indicators and this review’s focus. Results show that academic supervision is an important period of the training of a psychologist and that the supervisor plays a central role in the formation of students’ professional identity. However, there remain gaps in the study of supervisory practices and their different variables. Further research is encouraged to address supervision spaces and supervisors’ background in performing their role.

Academic supervision; Practice supervision; Psychology; Bibliometrics

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