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The psychoanalytical clinic with adolescents: specificities of an analytical encounter

Renata Cardoso Plácido Ayub Mônica Medeiros Kother Macedo About the authors

The continuous transformations adolescents experience have been object of study because of its importance in the context of psychic health. This paper portrays a qualitative study that aimed to know and to comprehend the characteristics and peculiarities of the contemporary adolescence clinic, considering the practice of the psychoanalytical listening. Ten psychoanalysts who had been at least ten years attending adolescents patients were interviewed. Through the technique of content analysis, three final categories were identified: the family and the school as fundamental fields of the inter-subjective experience of the adolescent, the necessity of psychic resources: demands to cope with the re-signification of oneself, and, finally, the challenges and concerns in the analytical field: theoretical and technical specificities from the adolescence’s listening. For the discussion of the findings, it was used the psychoanalytical referential. The study accomplished allowed a better knowledge about the articulations of the current culture demands with the pathological modalities present in the adolescent’s psychoanalytical clinic, as well as identify the transformations that occur in the psychoanalytical technique. The analysis has been highlighted as a relevant possibility to construct and assign meanings to the psychic suffering of adolescents in order to provide healthy developments for their experiences.

Adolescence; Psychoanalysis; Clinical psychology; Psychological intervention

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