Arguing the volunteerism: the allowed subjectivity

Adriana Cristina Ferreira Caldana Marco Antonio de Castro Figueiredo About the authors

In many countries, particularly in Brazil, we have observed a stimulus in relation to the volunteer work as a way of the democratization of the State, increasing the participation of all the actors in the serious social problems. Taking into consideration the several faces of the volunteer work, the aim of the present article is to discuss the exercise of these activities and their logical of support through the main axle of identification with the volunteer activity. case studies were carried out in two companies with lucrative ends and in two Non Governmental Organizations. (N.G.Os) in the town of Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo State - Brazil). The data showed up that the volunteer work, indirectly, generates value to capital and that we can invest in the autonomy of the Non Governmental Organizations and in the overcoming of the social services models, with particular actions, strengthening collective enterprising of the supportive economy and base social movements. In this analysis, it was considered that the volunteer work is an allowed way of the construction of the subjectivity within the logical of the capital.

Work; Volunteer work; Subjectivity; Social actions

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