Psychology in the Context of Traditional Communities: From the Ethnic Emergence to the Ethical-Esthetic-Political Perspective

Antonio Vladimir Félix-Silva Gabriela Pinheiro Soares Ana Caroline Santos Lara Mendes Braga Rigoti Maria Valquiria Nogueira Nascimento About the authors


This article aims to understand the subjectivity of women in the Quilombola Community of Macambira and the production of subjectivity of research psychologists during a monograph survey. This is an intervention research to understand how the quilombola woman lives, aiming to map and analyze the processes of subjectivation of the research psychologists in the encounter with the women participating in the research. For the production of information, we used the cartographic method, with visits to women’s houses and the community. In addition, we also held eight meetings with eight women through group complementary and integrative practices. The analysis of the observations and narratives recorded in the cartographic diary happened because of the analyzers that emerged from the mapping of the subjectivity of the participants. The discussion and results show that the production of research psychologists and quilombola woman identity and the ethnic emergence of the remaining quilombo community constitute a social construction, within a complex historical-cultural system. The analysis of the subjectivities that emerge from the meeting of research psychologists with quilombola women points to the (de) construction of segmented identities, making possible the re-signification of the relation between researcher and participant of the research, an effect of cartography as a way of doing intervention research. The subjectivity of quilombola women is marked by sorority and intersectionality, singularities and reproductions of current knowledge and power relations, which are also present in the subjectivities of research psychologists.

Traditional Communities; Quilombola Women; Cartography; Training in Psychology; Subjectivity

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