Children educators: job and life conditions

Adinete Sousa da Costa Mezzalira Mara Aparecida Lissarassa Weber Raquel Souza Lobo Guzzo About the authors

Alienation, fatalism and consciousness in school are considered in this study, which aimed to investigate how educators from a public kindergarten perceived the dimensions of their work in this context. The research used a qualitative approach and the data were obtained through the analysis of 35 questionnaires completed by school teachers, group leaders and the management team. The results showed that the workers, mostly, had experienced oppression in the existing school power relations. This experience had prevented them from developing as individuals in this context, constructing their own history and therefore being able to transform reality. Due to this, we understand how important a conscious action of the school psychologist intervening in the existing power relations in school is, in order to ensure the whole and healthy development of children and educational workers.

Child education; Educational personnel; Psychologist performance; Awareness; School psychology

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