Health promotion and Education: an epistemological analysis

Inea Giovana Silva-Arioli Daniela Ribeiro Schneider Daniela Ribeiro Schneider Tatiane Muniz Barbosa Marco Aurélio Da Ros About the authors

This article, through literature review, aims to contextualize the epistemological concepts of health promotion and education, trying to reflect on the styles that permeate the concepts and practices in this area. For this we seek to define the ways of perceiving the field of health, as a collective construction of knowledge and practices historically determined in the Brazilian context, explaining the macro-trends in health. This study highlights the articulation and linking of ideas and ideologies and proposes actions to the various levels of health. It discusses how the hegemonic practices influence the practical difficulties of the principles of the Unified Health System in Brazil. The intention is not just to overcome obstacles in knowledge, but to build concepts and practices that establish a new relationship with this knowledge and that are more consistent with the assumptions of the Unified Health System in Brazil.

Health promotion; Health education; Unified Health System; Epistemology

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