Shattering the Mask of Silencing: Movements of (Re)existence of Black Students


The choice of the research theme arose from the concerns and questions originated from listening to black students of Federal University of Pelotas in the therapeutic setting of the Psychology Course compulsory curricular internships. This paper analyzes the movements of black student (re)existence amidst the invisibility and silencing imposed by racism so as to contribute to a qualified psychological listening. The theoretical and methodological framework is based on decolonizing critical thinking. This qualitative study used empirical material produced in April 2019. The corpus of analysis selected was recorded and transcribed open interviews applied to four black students who received psychological care by the project ‘Diz Aí’ (Say It). The analysis was organized in five steps to identify meaningful narratives that further allowed systematization into three thematic axes: (i) Racist violence and production of subjectivity; (ii) (Re)existence, permanence and racism fighting in the university; (iii) The project Say It as a strategy of (re)existence. The permanence of black students in the university space is related to the possibilities of (re)existence and fighting against racist violence. Conversion into equals, the building of black collectives and clinical listening are important strategies that must exist and remain in the university as a way to shatter the silencing mask.

Racism; Invisibility; Silencing; Clinical listening; Decolonizing thinking

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