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An essay on horizontal relationships: enquiries about the function of the other

Simone Zanon Moschen Ana Maria Medeiros da Costa About the authors

In the text Aggressivity in Psychoanalysis (1948), Lacan deals with the meanders of psychic structuring, from the Mirror Stage and the constitution of the ideal-I as the first formation to defend the subject from imminent corporal shattering to the Oedipus, ternary structure which is capable of producing a gap in this primordial totalized image, totality which, when threatened, always finds an aggressive response by the subject. The constitution of an I-ideal, outcome of the oedipal passage, as Lacan tells us, has a pacifying function, capable of inscribing the necessary distance to an affective assumption of the fellow man. Paradoxically, it's the inscription of a distance which makes the experience of proximity possible, avoiding the devastation of the subject by feelings of invasion and annihilation. This text has as objective inquiring the position of the other - as identificatory partner - taking the possibilities that the sharing of life can bring and the uneasiness that can decant from it as line of questioning. We'll work with the proposition that it's in the commonality, which is allowed by the encounter with the fellow creature, that something of the loss, which is necessary to the emergence of the subject, gains consistency, even if transitory, which gives to horizontal relationships a function that transcends that of imaginary rivalization.

Psychoanalysis; Imaginary; Identification (Psychoanalisis); Other

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