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Visual-motor maturity and intelligence: a correlational study

Daniel Bartholomeu Fermino Fernandes Sisto About the authors

This study investigated the relationship between intelligence and the visual-motor maturity. DFH- Sisto scale and the Test of Bender by the gradual punctuation system (B-SPG) had been collectively administered to 244 students (50% boys) whose ages ranged from 7 to 10 years, eight years average (DP=1,08) and who attended from the first to the fourth grade of an elementary public school of the interior of the State of São Paulo. The figures of the Bender Test were projected to the blackboard so that they could be copied by the children. Negative and significant correlations between the scores of both tests in relation to genders and ages were formed. It was concluded that the Gestaltic Test gives an estimation of the intellectual capacity of children.

Intelligence; Visual-motor maturity; DFH- Sisto scale; Bender test

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