Theatre without shame: youth, aesthetic workshops and changes in self images

The importance of art for human development and for the production of changes in the way of living and thinking about reality has been increasingly recognized. Considering the frequent use of artistic activities as a way and manner of intervention in the work with young people, this article aims to discuss the potentiality of those activities to change the images that young people present of themselves. A workshop of theatrical improvisation offered to young people that live in the periphery of Florianópolis was the locus of this research. All the workshops were filmed and it was collected information with five young girls in two different moments: in the beginning of the workshops and three months after it ended. We could verify that the theatrical improvisation workshops made possible, on one hand, to express, to appreciate and to transform the young participant’s affects and experiences. On the other hand, the art of (re)creation stimulated the dialogue among the young participants, because it promoted ways and challenges related to the (re)creation in the theatrical exercises and in the contact with others.

Theatre; Youth; Image; Creative workshop

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