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Considerations about Freud’s anguish theories

Maria Angélica Augusto de Mello Pisetta About the author

Our purpose is to discuss the two main theoretical forms of the anguish concept in relationship with the repress concept developed by Freud. First we define anguish as an affection that sprang from repression and due to this, its condition as a product of the same repression. In our approach anguish doesn’t appear as something original, so it is liable of a psychological approach that destines it to another affection. Due to a revaluation of a phobia case and of the danger notion, Freud reviews his considerations and defines anguish as primary, as the cause of repression and also of the exact process of the subjectivity constitution. The analysis of anguish in the radical aspect of the freudian concept is important considering the work in contemporary clinics. For this purpose we use some psychoanalytical authors, including Lacan, in order to enlarge the discussion of the anguish concept in psychoanalysis.

Anguish; Repress; Trauma; Psychoanalysis

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