Feedback interviews in research on Psychological assesment

Maiana Farias Oliveira Nunes Ana Paula Porto Noronha Rodolfo Augusto Matteo Ambiel About the authors

Actions regarding the feedback to research participants, even tough it’s their right to get this information, are not very common in psychology research. This paper is a experience report that aims at describing the process of feedback on the results of a research conducted in a doctoral thesis, which focused the construction of a test that could be used in the vocational guidance context. 747 people from high school and technical education from public and private schools took part in the study. They answered tests focusing on self-efficacy to occupational activities, vocational interests and personality traits. The interviews to provide feedback for the test results were given collectively for students who were in the first and second grades, and in technical education, and were conducted individually for the students who were in the third grade. Psychologists, who were students of master and doctoral programs, conducted the semi-structured interviews, and psychology students, who observed the whole process as part of their training, accompanied them. In general, the participants said that the results of the interviews were positive, once they were able to think about the vocational choice process and to improve their self-knowledge.

Psychological assessment; Interview; Vocational guidance; Measurement

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