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Harry Potter and the citizen of the after modernity

Daniela Botti da Rosa About the author

The present article, a critical reflection of the citizen of the after modernity, from one of its products - literature, specifically the histories of Harry Potter - part of four on basic premises the psychoanalysis. The two first ones league the studies to it of Bruno Bettelheim concerning fairy-tales, showing the possibilities of identification of the citizen with infantile histories, as well as the necessity and relevancy of the access to the fancy in the children’s psychic world. Third it takes by loan to one analyst - Marie Louise von Franz - the notion of that histories can have the function as compensation of that it is lacking to the citizens or to a time. The fourth premise brings the mark of the Freud’s reading made by Jacques Lacan, concerning the paternal lack in the world contemporary, who if manifest - among others possibilities - in the dissolution of clear traces of landmark between generations and in the dilution of the educative act. We look for to question, in this article, leaving of these estimated, as the histories of Harry Potter can support new identification traces from new conditions of construction of the citizen.

Harry Potter; After-modernity; Hero; Identification

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