Critical Psychoanalysis: Psychic Suffering Listening and its Socio-political Implications


The psyche constitution is permeated by identifying discourses that shape the image of itself. This psyche is constituted within a family belonging to a specific social group. By analyzing the Freudian concept of malaise and Aulagnier’s ‘narcissistic contract’, we investigate the logic between the subject and the social context. The narcissistic reinvestment after Oedipus happens according to the Ideal-of-Ego constructed from the parental and social interdictions, but also following ideational cultural and parental introjection. Hegemonic identificatory discourses that emphasize normativity in sexual, gender, ethnic and age identities construct identities marked by exclusion. Thinking about the modes of identification in contemporaneity implies assuming that the elements that form this identity come from the history of life and social-historical processes. We analyzed the socio-psychic suffering from listening to the narrative of a participant in a research project carried out in a psychological care center of a public university. Individual interviews were conducted whose clinical listening enabled us to understand the social and political implications that constitute the psychic suffering of the subject in social neglect. We rely on concepts of Psychoanalysis and Critical Discourse Analysis that provided us with subsidies for the analysis of interviews. We observe that the process of social exclusion has eluded the deception of the social pact in which the subject is disinvested and cast into helplessness. In this context, narrative experience and critical analytical listening can be established as strategies of resistance to social exclusion.

Critic Psychoanalysis; Narratives; Hegemonic Discourse; Resistance Discourse; Narcissistic Contract

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