Groups with health community agents: from helplessness to the construction of new healthcare possibilities

Mirna Yamazato Koda Diego Vinícius da Silva Maria Aparecida dos Santos Machado Sabrina Maria da Silva Naldos About the authors

The Family Health Program (FHP), is a political strategy adopted by the Health Ministry to promote the transformation of the traditional basic healthcare. The health community agent (HCA) has a key role in the FHP being the main link between the healthcare unit and the community. With a supervised internship in Community Psychology from the Psychology Course at São Francisco University, a group was formed with HCAs from the FHP unit of a city in the state of São Paulo. The objective of the group was to debate the work done at the health unit, seeking to establish a leading posture in facing daily difficulties. For such, the operative groups postulated by Enrique Pichon-Rivière were used as reference, and it was observed, throughout the process, great helplessness on most of the agents. This issue was approached using several activities and strategies to strengthen group bonding. At the end of this research, the HCA could fulfill a role with greater responsibility in relation to the work done in the area.

Community psychology; Health personnel; Family Health Care Program; Health community agent

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